Required Documents for Rental

Found Your Dream Home? Lets get You Set Up.

You have or want to make an offer for a property through The Rental Shop. To prepare this for the owner, you will need to provide your income details. These are always treated confidentially. 

Here you have a handy checklist which documents you need to hire through The Rental Shop.


Valid identification: Passport. (If Dutch nationality also suffices ID card and driving license) 
Employment contract or possibly. employer’s statement. If contract expires within the end date of the letter of intent. 
Pay slips from the past 3 months. 
Print screen bank: Print screen of the bank clearly showing your name and address, account number and the  paid amounts corresponding to your pay slips 
Copy of bank card: Copy of the front and back of your bank card 
Previous lease contract Your former rental contract

Are you an Independent Entrepreneur? You’ll need-
Financial Statements: From the last 2 years 
Income Tax: Income tax declaration for the past 2 years 
KVK certificate: Digitally certified extract.


Excerpt KVK: Digitally certified extract.
Concept: Your business concept and branch typed out.
Auditor’s declaration: A statement from your accountant stating that the rent is portable for the main company.
Print screen bank: A print screen of the bank (if possible) to prove the cash.
Financial Statements: From the last 2 years
Income Tax: Income tax declaration for the past 2 years

Not a client? But you would like to receive a good rental contract. We’ll make one for € 165,- excl. VAT.



Information such as identification , employment contract , pay slips and the print screen bank must always be provided in advance. We do this to prevent fraud and give (financial) security to the owner.
Upon request, a credit check, BKR registration and GBA from the municipality can be requested.

Your details will always be kept confidential, if you do not qualify for the property, your details will be completely removed. You can best submit this data digitally.
When handing in false or fraudulent data, this is passed on to the authorities following the code of conduct.