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Contact Us

To kick things off, contact us by giving us a call, e-mailing or filling out our online form. If you would like to talk face to face, feel free to stop by our office. Note: As always an appointment is obligation free.

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Meet Up

After contacting us, we will get back to you on the same day. We would like to get right to your most important questions and to discuss your basic property information. We would then register your home with us for free and schedule an in person meeting to discuss the details. 

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Property Handover

Before the handover, we will discuss the specific terms and conditions of the contract and the rental price of your property. It is important that you know the gross costs for your home.  We will then proceed to construct a free high quality photo portfolio of your property.

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Proactive Advertising

We want to make sure your home always receives the right attention by ensuring your property is viewed by the right home seekers and companies both international and local. We will advertise your property on 12+ separate online rental property platforms as well as our Facebook and Instagram pages.

If you would like extra exposure, we offer paid facebook campaigns and placement on Funda. *

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We would first carry out an EEA with any prospective tenants who would like to schedule a viewing. After learning their basic information such as the tenants place of work, their needs and their estimated date of entry, we would schedule a viewing on the same day. In this industry flexibility is key to move as fast and efficiently as possible.  After a viewing, a follow-up meeting will be scheduled and held at our office. The prospective tenant would then fill out a bidding form or schedule a second viewing. 

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When a prospective tenant is interested in your property, we will prepare an official bid form for you. This is a binding document which will be signed by the tenant and will clearly state the cost, rental duration and extra conditions such as wall painting, furniture details, etc. You will also receive all ID documentation as well as their income information.  Should you accept and confirm this document, we will move to draw up a rental contract for both parties. We will be with you during every step of the way to advise you in the best direction.

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Based on the agreements made in the bid form, a “ROZ contract” (Real Estate Council) is drawn up. This contract  clearly sets out the agreements that apply between the tenant and you. The contract consists of primary and secondary agreements. Primary agreements speak to matters such as rental price, commencement date, term, advance and energy. 

Secondary agreements outline items such as repairs, garden maintenance taxes, notices and registration, etc.  After we have submitted the contract to you for verification, both parties will sign the contract and a digital copy is stored in your file. 

Click here to view one of our rental contracts. 

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Check In

The tenant will have transferred the rent and deposit to the Rental Shop before an appointment has been made for check in and key collection. We will examine the state of the apartment to make a ‘check-in report’ to note any damages for check out and return of deposit at the end of the rental period which will be signed by both parties. A note of the meter readings of gas, water and electricity is also made before the keys are handed over.  Within the next 24 hours, the rent and deposit will be transferred to your account and the pre-agreed brokerage fee will be deducted from this amount.

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At a Cost of 5% per month we offer a service which manages your property whilst it is being rented out. We will pay close attention to your apartment, report any damages and determine who pays for the costs. We have an emergency line in case you need to contact us during the night, on weekends and even during holidays.