Schiedam Warande 12

€1.275,- (excl.) per year

Photos of Warande 12, Schiedam

Details Warande 12, Schiedam

Straat Warande

Postcode 3116CG

Stad Schiedam

Prijs €1.275,- (excl.) per year

Beschikbaar Direct

Interieur Gemeubileerd

Oppervlakte 80 m²

Buitenruimte Nee


Beschrijving Warande 12, Schiedam

Er is geen beschrijving beschikbaar.

Kaart Warande 12, Schiedam

Streetview Warande 12, Schiedam

Extra Information

Feel welcome to call us to schedule a visit. Visits are always free.
We are open from 10:00 AM till 19:00 PM. Appointments outside these hours or weekends are also possible under appointment.

This rental will be a commissioned lease and there may be an applicable fee.
When renting we need the following documents: check link

This information has been put together with the best possible care, however, information might not always be correct.

Schiedam, Warande
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