Most frequent questions and answers

Waste Charges

In order to have your waste collected, the municipality of Rotterdam charges a fee.

  • Single person households pay € 321.20 per year
  • Multi-person households pay € 346.90 per year 
    (2016 rates)


Bid Form

When you have found a property that you find interesting, you can make an offer. In this bid form the primary rental conditions are set by you, you provide your personal details and there is a column for extra conditions. 
Primary rental conditions:  rent, duration, date of entry, furnished or unfurnished, number of persons, pets. 
Additional conditions:  You may want to have a room painted, placed a new bed etc. 
Personal details: Here  you give your name and address, information about your income and allow us to do a credit check.

Suppose the house is advertised for € 1200, -, and you make a bid of € 1150, – per the 1st of the upcoming month and the owner accepts this in the conditions you have set, then you have entered into a provisional lease with the landlord and any brokerage agreements you have made with our office. This can therefore no longer be withdrawn.

Remission for Students

  • You may not earn higher than the level of assistance 
  • You may not have equity 

If you wish to apply for remission, you must send the following documents to your municipality: 

  • Copies of income specification (salary, student finance) 
  • A copy of your most recent depreciation

If you do not agree with an attack, you can lodge an objection

Water Tax

Learn about taxes in Rotterdam you can here find

Moving Away

Are you staying in the same parking sector? If you do not have a parking facility at the new address, you can also use the license card at your new address. 
Are you moving to another sector? Then you can apply for a permit for the new sector. 
Do pass on your move to the municipality of Rotterdam. You can apply for a parking permit at the same time as your move.

If you do not need the parking permit after the move, you can cancel it. This can be done digitally or by post with the parking permit form .

Apply for Private Parking Permit

You can apply for your parking permit for Rotterdam via  link parking permit Rotterdam . 
You do this online and request and changes are digitally processed within one working day, by mail it takes five working days.


Who takes what costs and how is this solved when this occurs?
We advise you to have the real estate management carried out via us. We solve the maintenance work and ensure that the rental income goes well.

  • We always let the tenant fill out a maintenance form , where the tenant can also see who is responsible for what costs.
  • We communicate this with you, if you have given us a mandate, we will carry out the maintenance if this does not come under the permitted amount.

Our personal point of View:

You make a clear agreement with the tenant. Party 1 lends the house and party 2 pays money for this. If this is too much for you or you do not agree with this, you should not enter into this agreement. When there are complaints about the property and these are not solved after several attempts you can go to the rental committee to solve this, it is after all your house. However, if the house is in good condition and the owner (party 1) has fully complied with his appointment, it is not the intention to return to this later or to change the appointment unilaterally and without consultation. A scoring system only takes into account a number of basic points. Items such as location, purchase price, floor costs, paint and maintenance are not included here. This way you can ensure that the owner runs a loss and may be in financial trouble. Nevertheless, it is currently Dutch law and you can claim here.