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Your personal management environment.

Property Management in Short.

We manage your property for you. All calls, notes, requests and rental payments are documented for you and professionally in your area.  You no longer have to worry about your home and yet you know exactly what happened. Backlogs, rent increases and repairs are recorded by a professional.

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Financial Management
  • Monthly preparation of a cost & income report.
  • Collecting rent payments
  • Carrying out debtor management.
  • Catching up with arrears by acting quickly and finding a solution together with the tenant.
  • If you have more than 10 VHEs, we can create and link a new rack for you free of charge. 
  • Costs for owner or tenant clearly indicated, you will never be billed unnecessarily.
  • Managing, updating and keeping leases
  • Annual rent increases passages.
  • Third-party Financial account:  choose to have the rental made on our third-party account or on your own dedicated account, we can then link the data to our management system.
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Technical Management
  • Completely Transparent:  You have full access to your files, financial data, rental contracts and notes. Normally you can request your file and you will receive a few copies or print screens, here you can log in yourself.
  • Eliminating Vacancies: by actively trading pro-actively and immediately renouncing the properties again,there will be minimal (mutation) vacancy.
  • Tight check-out: a house must be delivered properly, and if something is broken or maintenance has to be carried out at the hands of the tenant we will take care of this with the deposit and pick it up immediately.
  • Recording, performing maintenance as well as a 24/7 rush service.
  • Settling damages from the guarantor.


Financial Management

3% /per year
Debtor management
Arrear Handling
Annual rent increases
Settling damages

Technical Management

3%/per year
Executing repair requests
Short-circuit repair between Maintenance team and tenant
Track work in system

Management Combo

5% /per Year
Experience complete peace of mind by letting us manage your entire property
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  • Please enter your repair request here. In case of emergencies and The Rental Shop does the property management please call Jeroen Cobelens from Cobo Onderhoud at +31 6 5105 1745

    You will receive a confirmation email and the maintenance man will alo confirm with you per phone. All request will be processed within 24 hours.

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